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Northern Ireland’s Past Through a Father’s Lens and Son’s Songs

WITH PRI "THE WORLD" host, Marco Werman

WITH PRI “THE WORLD” host, Marco Werman


With April Peavey, producer

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Media tidbits aplenty

I have reviews, press coverage and interviews to share with with you today.

Here’s the first reviews of my new album, Nuclear Family:

CD HotList:
“Steafán Hanvey is one of those singer-songwriters who will probably continue being classified as a “folk rock” artist long after he’s left any significant element of traditional music behind. (This is the price you pay for playing an acoustic guitar.) On Nuclear Family, he rocks out in a variety of styles, from the crunchy and compressed bombast of “Darling Please” and “Show Me the Woman” to the more Beatlesque “Back to You,” but there’s also plenty of what can reasonably be called folk rock. Hanvey has a nice, subtle way with a hook and a pleasantly plainspoken singing style.”

Splinters and Candy:

Press coverage of my recent local appearances:
Preview of Chicago presentation in the Chicago Tribune:,0,3890783.story
Preview of Chicago presentation on
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel “On Tap”:
Chicago Metromix:

Recent radio interviews:
WFSU (NPR Florida):
WBEZ “Worldview” (NPR, Chicago):
Interview on Fearless Radio at 5:00 on March 15th:
[Waiting on the podcast link]

Recent TV interview:
WKYT (Kentucky):

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I have some good news that I’ll be sharing within the next week about recent developments stateside. I’m booking dates all over the US and Canada. New album release date to be announced too. Also getting a new website. Almost there. Thanks for your patience.

Much love,

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Photo with Irish President, Michael D. Higgins and his wife Sabina at the FOCUS THEATRE, DUBLIN.

Photo with Irish President, Michael D. Higgins and his wife, Sabina at the FOCUS THEATRE, DUBLIN.

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Debut released in US | Music clip ‘Desperation [Loving You]’ Premieres on Fuse On Demand

Friends of mine,

hope life is being good to you.

It’s great to be able to share the news that my debut, ‘Steafán Hanvey and the Honeymoon Junkies‘, released in Finland in 2005 & Ireland in 2006 got its official US release yesterday. The lead single, ‘Desperation [Loving You]‘ has been added to Fuse On Demand, a free Video on Demand service in the USA, that is part of Fuse Music Network and Madison Square Garden Media. Somewhat Ironically, the video was made up in Helsinki in 2007, one year after I was done promoting the album in Ireland. It’s nice to see it happen in the ‘right’ order finally.

There is a new album finished and ready to go. I’m currently putting together the release plan but I expect to be able to share it with you in and around late spring of 2012. The delay was in part due to the wonderful opportunity mentioned above, of having the video premiered on Fuse. As I have been touring the States a lot in recent years, I thought I’d use it as an opportunity to introduce myself and my music to a wider US audience in the run up to the US release of ‘Nuclear Family‘ in 2012. Delighted to have had French songwriter Bertrand Belin lend himself to the record. Also in attendance were Ken & Carl of Relish, and Liam O’Maonlai to name a few.

You can buy my debut here on:




If you pre-order ‘Nuclear Familyhere:

you will receive my debut ‘Steafán Hanvey and The Honeymoon Junkies’ for FREE.

You will also receive an unreleased ‘Making of Nuclear Family’ documentary.

Alternatively, if you have Twitter, you can Tweet for a track: Here

That’s it for now.
Keep warm and dry.

Peace & love,



Video details & where to find it on US TV:

It will be available on the Free On Demand Offerings from the following Cable Companies:
Direct TV
Verizon fIOS

For Comcast, it can be found in the following categories all under Free On Demand.
go to–> ON DEMAND–> MUSIC–>FUSE–>INDIE and it is listed under Steafan Hanvey, DES.

-Fuse (in 2 Fuse sub categories)
–All Music Videos M-Z

-General Comcast music area
-Music by Genre/Alternative
-All Music Videos/S

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Artist spotlight

Lower West side, NYC

A little piece just up: IMRO Artist spotlight

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The Lobes interview

The Lobes interview with Faith Whitfield

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The Sound of You & Me | Chicago

A session-interview with the host of ‘The Sound Of You & Me’ (BFN Networks) back in April.
These tapes were loster than lost. They were out there, somewhere. But, alas, they were stumbled upon and knocked into shape.
Enjoy it, I did.

To Listen, click HERE.

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