I Signed a Book Deal

What’s that? Didn’t I go and sign a book deal

What Kind? Photo-Poems

Publisher? Merrion Press/Irish Academic Press

Publishing date? October 2018

Formats? Hardback, Ebook, Audiobook

Pre-order? Yes. See links below

How long? A year in the making

What about the music? Yes, records in production.

Reconstructions updated cover

Between seeing my daughter and son being brought into the world, changing a lot of nappies in the mustard factory and chronic migraine pain, brought on, in part, by a neck like a broken packet of digestive biscuits, I somehow got to produce my first collection of poetry.

I curated some of my father’s photographs that I’d grown up surrounded by, some I’d watched being taken, others being developed, some that lurked in the shadows and down from our living room wall, others, part inspiration, part confirmation, in that I had reacted to some in the form of new poems, whereas others complemented pieces I’d written at earlier stages of my life. Come October, the words will get a chance to speak for themselves.

The upshot is a hardback book of offerings, due for worldwide release.
I’ve begun working on the audiobook tracks in my home studio and look forward to having that ready for the release of the hardback and ebook editions. More on the book soon, but I’m happy to finally share the news with you. It looks like I’ll be seeing many of you in 2019!


#saintsister #Ritaduffy #Davidhoneyford #Pantisocracy #steafanhanvey #rte #rteradio1 #Athenamedia #latedeveloper #steafanhanveypoetry

To get a flavour of what’s in store, here’s video and audio links to my first ever live recital of this poem, as a guest on the Panti Bliss show, “Pantisocracy” (RTE 1), where I was invited to share the room with the wonderfully talented Saint Sister, Rita Duffy and David Honeyford. The poem is called “Late Developer”, and details time spent in the darkroom as a nipper, watching my Da bring his new creations into the world, under the red light, often images of scenes I had been present at, while my father snapped away, sometimes, only minutes earlier.




Sound cloud audio from the Pantisocracy/RTE session.


Now, get pre-ordering! 🙂

The Guardian Book club




Merrion Press/Irish Academic Press

Back soon with more exciting developments.

Love’s the only show in town.



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