The groovy people over at Babysue think Steafán’s “one incredibly smart and talented fellow”. We beg to differ, but who are we to argue with Babysue? They also had other really nice things to say of Steafán’s sophomore album, Nuclear Family:

“Steafán has the skills and the voice to go all the way if he chooses to.”

“The album is slick, smart, inventive, genuine, and pure.”

“Ten killer tracks..Highly recommended.”

Thank you Babysue!

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  1. Tor Hershman says:

    I ’twere at your wonderful performance this eve, in Wheeling, and your YouTube videos
    do not do you proper credit; you are much finer live, Steafan.

    I posted this @ your YouTube Channel but…I ain’t sure my posts are “Gettin’ through.” I can see ’em when I’m logged-in but can not when logged-out.

  2. Thank you Tor. Very kind. The channel has had a few videos added since wheeling.
    Hope you are well and that our paths cross again soon.

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